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When you look for Charlotte IT staffing firms if you are a business owner who requires temporary or replacement resources or an IT professional seeking employment, you’ll find many IT staffing firms in Charlotte NC that are able to assist you. What you won’t find, however, are IT staffing firms who take the time to truly understand the culture of your company or the skill set you bring to the task. Both are unique, and both should be taken into consideration to make the ideal match between the company, the individual and the IT role.

That is exactly what Morton does best. Unlike most Charlotte IT staffing firms, we listen to you so we are sure we get it right for everyone involved. It’s known as “The Morton Way.” It’s the reason why so many professionals in transportation, government (local, state and federal), utilities, telecommunications, retail, health care, insurance, consumer products and other sectors always come to Morton for their IT staffing needs rather than go to other IT staffing firms in Charlotte NC. We stay by your side during the entire placement process.


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