The Morton Way

process with a purpose.

We Build Meaningful Connections

The way you do things matters. Especially when it comes to looking for the right person or job. So, what’s the best way to find that person or job? The Morton Way.

How do we find just the right people for your staffing needs?

Well, it’s a process. One that we’ve refined and proven true over our many years in the industry. It starts with listening to you. Of course, we’ll talk about your staffing needs and assignment requirements, but we also want to know about your current challenges, company culture, and business goals. We then comb through our extensive network of talent to find the person who is the right fit – not only for your role, but for your business. Throughout the entire process, we work closely with you to make sure we’re placing the right talent for your opportunity.

Our Core Values


At Morton, we believe those with grit can pull successes from failures and innovate when traditional methods come up short.


Operating with integrity means connecting a candidate possessing the knowledge, skills, and experience that our client needs, while leveraging a people-first approach that ensures a win-win for candidates and clients.


Experience guided by confidence is our guarantee to any person, business, or client who chooses to work with Morton.


Our team members are proactive, intentional, and focused in striving for results to solve complex business, technology, and staffing challenges.

Where do you find the right IT people for your company? You could go to a giant staffing firm that will send you anyone with the letters IT in their resume. Or you could go someplace that will listen closely to your needs and help you find just the right person. That’s the Morton way.

In the competitive world of IT you don’t have time to see if someone is a good fit. You need to know, this second, that they are the perfect fit. And that’s our specialty. It’s why we get up in the morning. To make sure the IT person you hire is the IT person you need.

At Morton we:

  • Listen to you and take time to understand your business and culture
  • Know that every IT job is different and needs just right people with the right skills
  • Are committed to supporting your hiring needs before, during and after placements are made
  • Work tirelessly to find just the right person for every job, every time

At Morton we believe that each IT person has a unique set of skills and abilities that make them different from any other IT person. And that’s really important when looking for the right job. Not the right job for him, or her or that guy over there. But the right job for you and you alone. How do we do that?

By listening and taking time to find out what you want for your career. Because we don’t want to help you find any job. We want to help you find YOUR job.

At Morton we:

  • Listen to you and take time to understand what you want in a job
  • Know that every IT person is different and has a unique set of skills
  • Are committed to supporting you throughout the entire job search process
  • Work tirelessly to find just the right job for YOU

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