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Technology Doesn’t Work Without Broadband

Our clients depend on us to provide solutions to their needs. But, there’s a problem looming that even we can’t fix – broadband access. The pandemic exemplified just how much we all depend on connectivity.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the Internet emerged as our saving grace. It became the backbone of our operations and those of the clients we serve. This digital shift enabled us to maintain our services.

Today, though the pandemic is over, the Internet continues to be an indispensable part of our operations. It’s our link to clients, our tool for advocacy, and our channel for growth. However, this crucial resource is now at risk due to the recent lapse in the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) broadband spectrum authority. This lapse threatens not just Morton Consulting, but the clients we serve, as well as many small businesses across the country.

In the digital age, ‘spectrum’—the range of radio frequencies used for data transmission—is vital. The FCC’s oversight ensures that this resource is managed efficiently, benefiting businesses and consumers alike, but this lapse in this authority creates a void that could have far-reaching implications.

For us, reliable Internet access is non-negotiable. It powers everything from client communications to complete business models for clients. We’ve seen how clients have leveraged robust Internet connectivity to grow their market shares.

Yet, without reliable Internet, we face numerous challenges. These aren’t mere hypotheticals; they’re real-world consequences that could have a broader economic impact.

Reauthorizing the FCC’s broadband spectrum authority is a critical step in addressing these challenges. It would ensure that businesses like Morton Consulting and the clients we serve can continue to operate effectively.

We urge Congress to act swiftly in reauthorizing this authority. We also call on our fellow Virginians to champion this cause. Reach out to your representatives, amplify this issue on social media, and engage in community discussions. Your voice can make a significant impact.

The reauthorization of the FCC’s broadband spectrum authority isn’t just a policy matter; it’s a lifeline for business. Let’s unite for reliable broadband access, for the prosperity of small businesses, and for the growth of our economy. With focused action and collective advocacy, we can secure a stable digital future for all.