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Looking to Work as a Systems Engineer?

A systems engineer is an integral part of any IT organization. They are tasked with managing and setting up computer infrastructure, so the entire network of hardware, software, and general tech architecture runs smoothly.

Systems Engineer Responsibilities

Systems engineers also research and recommend viable solutions for a variety of problems and goals for a business. They’re often asked to install and configure various pieces of software and implement processes that enhance security and backup of delicate information.

In addition, they often collaborate with other members of an IT tech team and project managers to ensure processes run smoothly, and tech projects can be completed without any issues.

A systems engineer usually keeps pertinent stakeholders and outside vendors abreast of new developments and information, so they are expected to have excellent communication skills and an ability to simplify complex concepts into easily-digestible bits.

Educational Requirements For A Systems Engineer

People interested in working as a systems engineer in the Richmond Virginia area should hold a degree in information systems or computer science. Most companies will want a master’s degree in a relevant field.

Required Work Experience

Experience should be robust, with a focus on installing and configuring systems alongside knowledge about automating software and building scripts with tools like Python or Ruby. Systems engineers ready to work in Richmond need to come on the job with extensive insight about technologies like OSI network layers and should hold excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Job Versatility

Since systems engineering is a broad field, people with the right skills often can work in a variety of industries, from the software development and robotics field to cutting-edge industries like nanotechnology.

Overall, most systems engineers will spend their day working on every stage, from design to validation and risk assessment for a particular software or solution. These careers are gratifying, and companies across Virginia and North Carolina are always looking for top talent.

Looking For Work As A Systems Engineer?

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