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How to get Your Resume Past The AI Robots

The vast majority of companies filter resumes with artificial intelligence (AI) robots and application tracking systems. Businesses utilize these tools to save money on manually reviewing large amounts of resumes.  

AI robots are also being deployed to automatically schedule interviews with candidates and match current experience with a job description. This can pose issues for candidates.    

AI technology still has blind spots that can hurt candidates during a competitive job process. Some are concerned AI has bias issues that cause frustration.    

What You Can Do During The Job Application Process 

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take during the job process to optimize your resume for artificial intelligence and get your information in the hands of a real person. Keep reading to learn more.    

  • Don’t Try To Beat The System: When some people hear AI will review their resumes, they try to scheme and figure out the technology. Overloading a resume with keywords or subtly altering certain elements will backfire. Application tracking systems are tuned to spot similar profiles, so one that seems suspicious will flag the resume and could hurt a candidate’s prospects. Just focus on making sure grammar, spelling, and the overall content is error-free.    
  • Skip The Jargon: Odd phrasing, company-specific words, and jargon are going to confuse AI robots and could hurt your job prospects. Use job titles and descriptions for your past roles that can easily translate to other opportunities. AI will take descriptions and projects into consideration in a much deeper fashion than just reviewing keywords. As a result, ensure your work experience is explained in detail and tailored for each role you apply to.  
  •  Stick With The Basics Of Formatting: Some job candidates try to mix up their resume and include special shading, symbols, or logosThis won’t work when it comes to AI software, which might not be able to read a fancy font or scan through an exotic-looking resume. When crafting your resume, focus on standard fonts and the typical sections, like qualifications, education, and skills. Obscure headings might confuse an AI robot and lead to an inability to process your application.    

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