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Most In-Demand IT Jobs in 2020

As technology progresses and consumers become savvier, businesses everywhere in the IT world are looking for the next cutting-edge innovation. The demand for skilled and professional workers will only increase across the following year. 

  Here’s a breakdown of the most in-demand IT jobs for 2020. 

  • Cybersecurity Engineers: The threat of hacking and other digital manipulation has dramatically boosted job prospects for cybersecurity engineers. Estimates place the growth rate for the job at 32% from 2018 until 2028 in the United States. Most cybersecurity engineers will have in-depth knowledge of security system management in conjunction with proficiency in languages like Java and C++.  
  • Data Scientist: It’s no surprise that data science jobs are needed based on continued emphasis by businesses on custom-tailoring customer experiences and turning data into actionable plans. Savvy data scientists will have experience with platforms like AWS, proficiency in several programming languages, and be adept at statistical modeling and machine learning.   
  • Computer Vision Engineers: The computer vision engineering field has seen steady growth since 2013. This type of professional builds and improves on machine learning and computer vision elements. The field is expected to grow exponentially in the next couple of years due to significant investment in virtual and artificial reality combined with sustained growth in the self-driving car industry.   
  • Business Intelligence: Those in the business intelligence field gather information from internal software and overall industry trends to present companies with options to grow and cut costs. Business intelligence professionals are key in an IT industry where apps still dominate.   
  • Cloud Engineer: As companies continue to move systems to the cloud, engineers with extensive experience with AWS and other cloud-based solutions are becoming more desired by businesses. Savvy cloud engineers will understand how to manage and scale systems that incorporate in-house company technology with an outside platform like Azure.    

2020 brings strong job prospects for IT professionals. The advancement of new technology requires large numbers of skilled cybersecurity engineers, cloud computing experts, and visionaries who can build and scale on existing technology.    

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