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Six Things Every Software Developer Needs To Know

The software development world is extremely fast-paced. It can sometimes seem almost impossible for those in the industry to keep up with different technologies and methodologies as they arise.   

While staying ahead of the game can be extremely fruitful, sometimes it can lead to more trouble than it’s worth. Investing a lot of time in something experimental might not lead to anything in the end, or studying a specific tool that doesn’t get used in your work will not be worthwhile unless you’re trying to switch jobs.   

However, there are a variety of skills and tools every software developer should know. Some are more specific than others. Still, all are useful for both senior and junior developers and are also great for those who are self-employed developers and work on a freelance basis.   

Text Editors

There are not many days where software developers go without utilizing a text editor like VIM. Developers can sharpen their skills with Vim through training courses like the Vim MasterClass, but there’s a wide range of text editors (like Sublime) that are also vital tools for system admins and other IT pros.   


SQL is a mainstay in the development world and will most likely be for years to come due to how essential databases are. The more you learn about SQL, the better, but you need to at least understand how to modify and insert data and write retrieval queries.   


Learning elements of the Linux command line is essential for software developers since you’ll most likely have to use a Linux machine at some point. Getting a grasp of the command line speeds up your ability to perform basic tasks and work efficiently.   


Computer networks are everywhere and having a basic understanding of how networking works will go a long way as you craft and support different applications as a developer.   

Source Control

Every developer needs to have an understanding of what management of source control means. There’s a wide range of systems, from git to svn, so be sure to study up on the one that works best for your situation 

Developer Support

As you work to build and deploy applications, keeping developer tools in your back pocket will help you if you run into issues, and can even speed up time debugging or fixing flaws. Firefox’s developer tool is called FireBug, while Google provides access to the Chrome Developer Tools.   

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