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Your Space is Growing Fast – Here’s How You Can Stand Out

It can seem daunting to apply to roles in a competitive job market. You might think about how other candidates might have better resumes than you, or worry if you did answer the interview questions with strong responses.   

Many job seekers, especially if they’re in a competitive industry, often don’t effectively sell their skills. Learning how you as a job seeker can optimize your resume and powerfully communicate your talents can go a long way to having hiring managers remember your application amid a wide range of candidates.   

Here are a few savvy tips from Morton about how you can stand out on the job market, even if many people with the same skill sets are applying to the same companies.   

Tailor Your Resume

It’s easy in a time of digital job applications to send the same resume everywhere you apply. It might seem basic, but taking time to optimize your experience to the particular company for each application can give you a significant advantage. Study the job posting and match the verbiage and experience you do have with what they are looking for.   

Work On Your Response Times

Hiring managers are going to remember candidates who swiftly respond to emails and calls. Sometimes, if there’s a lot of applicants for a position, HR might only have time for the first few people who respond for an interview. Return any calls or emails from employers as fast as you can to demonstrate enthusiasm.   

Practice Before The Phone Interview

Many job seekers seem to struggle with the phone interview. A lot of people do not know what to expect or believe there’s nothing they can do to prepare before one. Stay away from sitting down for a phone interview on the fly. Before a screening call or phone interview, do your homework about the company and envision how you could help it achieve its goals. Standing out in a phone interview can be all you need to secure an in-person one and is a fantastic way to make your name known among a hiring team for just a few minutes of your time.   

Stand out in a competitive job market

Leverage your skills and talents and understand how to articulate them during an interview. Be bold. You’ve done the hard work to build your skillset and portfolio, so don’t be afraid to study a job application and then specifically relay how what you know is what a company needs to take the next steps.   

At Morton, our team in Richmond, VA, knows that every person in the IT industry has a unique array of skills and abilities. We’re dedicated to listening and understanding what every job seeker brings to the table as we help match prospective employees with the right companies. Visit the comprehensive list of postings on our job board to find the perfect fit.