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Better Ways to Define Your IT Career Success

The modern world’s perception of success is pretty simple. People who have a lot of money achieved large levels of fame, or are deeply respected are usually seen as those who have ‘made it’ in life.    

These types of aspirations can be unrealistic – and soul-crushing – for those who have other goals and motivations. For those deep in the IT field, it’s easy to have a surface level outlook about what success means.    

But it’s vitally essential employees and job seekers in the IT world craft their own parameters for success.

Doing so has a few benefits

It helps focus your career path since you’ll hone in on the types of jobs and skills you really want.   

Additionally, it will boost day-to-day satisfaction since you’ll align yourself with the type of work you really do enjoy.   

As the new year rapidly draws near, consider the following approaches when trying to define ‘success’ in the IT field. A different change in perspective could provide a little extra motivation or even spur you to pivot in a different job.   

Challenge Assumptions

It’s easy in the IT field to make a list of your biggest highlights and successes. Instead, think about charting your career history based on the assumptions and false beliefs you changed. Perhaps you challenged yourself in a job to learn about technology you did not think you could grasp, or you realized a particular position or responsibility wasn’t something you were interested in. Remaining aware of the ‘successes’ that didn’t make you happy or provide benefit is a powerful way to self-reflect. 

Reflect On Relationships

In a field dominated by deliverables and projects, it’s easy to forget about relationships and the lighter moments shared with colleagues. Friends and the memories that come along them are an essential aspect of any career and can have a profound impact on happiness. Relationships can also be a powerful tool in the technology field as people launch startups and build teams for projects. This can provide a person with a good network of more significant opportunities than those who just have a resume of skills.   

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