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Retaining Your Top Software Engineers For The Long Haul

Good managers understand the importance of meeting the expectations of their employees and finding out ways to be supportive of personal and professional goals.     

This is especially important in the world of software development due to the field’s acutely technical nature and the many complexities that go into a project. These elements make finding the right software engineers vitally crucial for companies looking to make an impact.    

Once you have a good team in place, what do you do to get them to stick around? Software engineers are always in demand – and there’s plenty of other firms who have no issue offering enticing salary and benefits packages to rope in talent.     

Here are a few smart strategies you, as a manager, can keep in mind to help retain some of your top software engineers for the long term.    

  • Provide A Strong Culture: Businesses who have a clear vision and are not afraid to invest in employees often attract loyal employees who are happy to build their skills. As a manager, respect the vision and creativity of your software developers and allow them to provide their input about projects. Once a final decision is made, be firm, but support your developer’s interests in working to a greater vision.    
  • Provide Access To Cutting-Edge TechnologySoftware developers are always going to be happy if they have access to the latest version of a new piece of technology. This keeps your developers engaged and also helps skills stay sharp and fresh in an ever-changing world of technology. As a manager, giving your team access to quick computers, new software, and other ‘toys’ boosts productivity and encourages developers to stick around to learn new skills.   

Interested in learning more about how you can hire and retain some of your best software engineering talent in a competitive market?     

At Morton, we’ve worked with countless software engineers and clients – giving us a robust understanding of the current market. Feel free to reach out to our team to start a conversation