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Programming Technologies That May Emerge in 2020

It can be easy to get lost in the weeds of the programming world amid a bevy of emerging technologies and a wide range of specialized coding languages.     

For many projects, the specific coding stack is going to be the most critical aspect that will determine how smoothly your project will go.     

In the modern world, programming languages and associated technology have greatly expanded – creating a market where requirements constantly shift as projects become greater in scope.     

As the new year emerges, smart job seekers understand they need to stay ahead of the game in the programming world and keep tabs on the skills and abilities that companies desire.     

Here’s a brief breakdown of some of the key programming languages that might emerge in the new year, and how each of them could impact current technological capabilities.     

  • Elm: Functional programming appears to be a hot trend moving into 2020, which is why Elm is a rapidly emerging and in-demand language across the programming world. With a focus on usability and ability to be transpired to JavaScript, Elm is a strong choice for those interested in building UI on the web.   
  •  Rust: Rust is already pretty popular in the development world but appears to be set to emerge even more in 2020 due to a focus on safety and speed. Many see a bright future for Rust due to its tooling capabilities that include cross-platform APIs.   
  •  Crystal: Crystal looks set to emerge in 2020 due to its goal of giving web developers C-like performance. Primarily aimed at the Ruby communityCrystal seems set to grow rapidly as startups continue to flourish that have a basis with Ruby.   

The world of programming can change rapidly, and the skills and abilities companies are looking for can shift as technology develops. If you’re out hunting for a job, don’t feel like you have to guess what the next trends will be.    

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