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Career Spotlight: A.I. is More Than Data Science

It’s easy to conflate artificial intelligence (A.I.) with data. Robust growth with companies like Amazon, Apple, and many cloud-computing entities make it seem like systems that gather and process data are the hot new destination for savvy people in the tech world.     

But don’t be fooled. Even though jobs in the A.I. field has grown rapidly, the wide world of artificial intelligence is still far beyond just data. Employment opportunities in the logistics and transportation field have greatly expanded, thanks to the rise of artificial intelligence.   

 How come? Because, according to Ultimate Strategy Senior Director Armen Berjiky, artificial intelligence “creates a new class of products that will require humans to build, maintain, and deploy.”   

As a result, A.I. will not necessarily make other industries obsolete, but will, Berjikly says, cultivate new classes of jobs and provide opportunities for humans to take on roles that will translate the results of analytics software to the real world.     

What does this mean for tech-savvy job seekers?

It means those interested in the artificial intelligence field should also look at related jobs that focus on design, engineering, and management information systems – and not just data science.     

As data usage in the artificial intelligence field grows, models and associated systems only continue to grow and size and scope. This requires a support staff of employees who can develop new data models while surveying the capabilities and configurations of current systems, according to analyst John Sumser.     

Smart companies looking to expand their A.I. capabilities understand they need employees with the conversational skills and adaptability to make sure complex technological systems can be explained to the public.     

Many businesses are on the hunt for UI/UX experts who know how to work with customers and clients and explain how sophisticated A.I. technology can be used in everyday objects like cars.   

As a result, job seekers should understand the artificial intelligence industry, as it expands, will require a diverse range of talent that has skills far beyond data analytics.  

Are you interested in jumping in or making the transition to the A.I. field, but are wondering how your skills might fit in?     

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