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90% Of Gen-Z Employees Thrive When The Boss Does This

As Gen Z continues to make its way into the workforce, managers and leadership strive to figure out how to best encourage these types of employees. Many in the Gen Z generation strive for a balanced perspective on work and life.

They’re looking for more than just a paycheck and great benefits – and often want to work for a company that values their psychological well-being and energy.

New research from 15Five builds on this idea and suggests Gen Z employees thrive in a culture that addresses emotional needs. In a study, 90% of employees said they were able to perform better when their company supports emotional wellness.

15Five Chief Culture Officer Shane Metcalf argued once “…managers and leaders address the hidden aspects of their experience, like values, beliefs, mindsets, and emotional well-being, we will see a major leap forward in how people achieve their potential at work…”

Other highlights from the study include

  • Work-Life Balance Is Key: 15Five found how Gen Z workers expect to work in a place where there’s synergy between work and personal life. 75% of Gen Z employees have asked for personal advice while sitting for a 1-on-1 meeting with a manager. 15Five said just 23% of Baby Boomers did so.
  • Regular Check-Ins Are Key: 15Five also noted that employees who don’t have a weekly ‘check-in’ meeting with a manager suffer from a lack of trust, communication, and mental tranquility. The research found how employees who did have a manager check in regularly associated work with words like “money” and “fun.”
  • Communication With Employees Boosts Retention: 15Five said employees who do check in with managers have a stronger sense and confidence in their leaders. According to the research, 84% of employees said they were honest with managers, while close to 75% asserted confidence in their manager’s leadership ability as they checked in on them. Additionally, about half of the employees who said their 1-1 meetings were productive planned on staying with the company for 5+ years.

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