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Steps You Can Take To Manage Scope Creep

It’s a story that can happen in any company. A project is assigned to a group to knock out in a few months. As the weeks go by, new requirements and details are added on without making adjustments to the budget or schedule.

Then as more changes are made, the original team members find themselves falling behind and having to explain why work is moving ‘slowly.’

It’s not uncommon for projects to mold and change before they’re finished, but scope creep introduces changes and modifications without giving options for the team members to adapt. Scope creep can quickly lead to project failure, drained budgets, and a demoralized team.

Are you wondering what you can do to mitigate scope creep?

Here are a few steps you can take to avoid it.

  • Be Clear About Requirements: The best way to keep scope creep away is to be clear and concise about project requirements. Get everything down on paper and prioritize the most critical steps. Having a common point of reference makes it easier to see where a project is at and make sure you know what all stakeholders are looking for.
  • Set-Up Change Protocols: Pretty much every project has some changes. The key to avoiding scope creep is to cultivate controlled change. When an amendment is proposed, set up a clear line of review to either approve or reject the decision. Once a decision is made, then make sure the new plan is clearly recorded and communicated to the team. This eliminates unexpected changes that come as a last-minute surprise.
  • Keep Tabs On Your Team: Project team members know where work is at and what needs to get done. Keeping team members in the loop with project managers and other leadership is vital to avoid scope creep. Make sure team members understand how they can propose changes to the final deliverable and empower them to make decisions about the project schedule in a way that maximizes efficiency. Excellent communication is vital when it comes to scope creep.

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