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Keeping Your Skills Sharp to Land the Best Offers

It’s a competitive working world out there – especially if you’re in the technology field. As innovations and developments appear, tech workers and developers know they need to keep their skills sharp to remain attractive to companies.  

But many wonder how to hone and refine their skills. Some turn to traditional education or a bootcamp, but there’s a wide variety of ways you can keep your talents sharp by learning online.  

Keep reading for a brief breakdown of some of the best online continuing education options for those working in tech.   

  • Coursera: Coursera is best for those who like a traditional educational structure meshed with the digital world. Learning modules are stylized in a course structure through partnerships with universities. Coursera currently offers more than 2,700 courses – including a wide variety focused on technology topics.   
  • Devslopes: Devslopes is a newer online offering, but is quickly gaining steam due to its focus on courses that delve into newer programming languages like Swift and Kotlin, and even has offerings on topics like blockchain. The platform is popular due to its reasonable price structure ($0-200) and the team’s emphasis on coursework that’s pertinent and well organized.   
  • Udemy: Udemy is a catch-all in the online learning world. The platform has a plethora of technological-focused course options that are usually priced quite competitively. Those in the tech world often turn to Udemy if they’re looking to take several courses on a particular subject but aren’t interested in spending time to dive into a tedious course.   
  • LinkedIn Learning: LinkedIn Learning has more than 1,000 courses focused on different types of software and tools. It’s a popular way to keep skills sharp since coursework consists of bite-sized options that can be completed in just 30 minutes.   
  • Udacity: Udacity is a unique option for tech professionals due to the platform’s strong ties with large companies. These agreements create many opportunities to hone skills in topics like blockchain and other cutting-edge concepts in the tech field. The monthly subscription option provides strong value for learners with enough time on their hands to dive deep into the material.   

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