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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun: Appreciating Our Past as We Look to the Future


It’s amazing how fast time flies! You hear this from a number of people referencing many different experiences – from feeling nostalgic about a college reunion, watching children grow, or remembering a major professional milestone. At Morton, we’re celebrating a significant milestone year and feeling amazed at just how fast time has flown.

10 years ago, Morton acquired Xperts Inc., an award-winning staffing and product company, which had been located close to Morton’s previous headquarters in Glen Allen, VA. Since the acquisition, the advances and opportunities Morton has achieved have been too numerous to count, and it’s safe to say that we might not be where we are today if it wasn’t for the union. 

With any acquisition, things such as contacts and capabilities expanded as the two businesses became one. However, we feel that the most valuable asset we gained was human capital — specifically, David Borovatz. When asked about the transition of moving from Xperts Inc. to Morton, David noted that he “saw an opportunity and a potential long-term home” at Morton, and it certainly has proven true over his tenure here with us. David began his career at Morton as a recruiter and has since grown to become our Director of Enterprise Accounts. David’s open-door policy, lead-by-example style, and willingness to share his extensive knowledge of the industry adds astronomical value to our team. His unique skill set and leadership capabilities have propelled our team forward, but his greatest feature is the way he builds and nurtures relationships with our clients and consultants, which is highlighted in his Employee Spotlight from last summer.

One major component behind the success of the acquisition was the cultural match between the two companies and their leadership. David shared that he saw the same “humble leadership” in Mark Morton that he saw in Xperts Inc.’s former owner, William Tyler. Both William and Mark are focused leaders who put emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, which was incredibly helpful during the transition. Because of this great blend of leadership and business, Morton was able to make sure that all of Xperts Inc.’s employees stayed on after the transition and previous relationships between Xperts Inc.’s clients were fostered by the combined Morton / Xperts Inc. team. 

Before the acquisition, Xperts Inc. focused on Individualized Education Programs for K-12 Public Schools in addition to IT staffing. While this specific goal did not completely align with Morton’s business model, our philanthropic goals did. Just this past September, Morton was able to donate over 500 backpacks that were fully stuffed with supplies for local students for the 2018-2019 school year, beating our previous year’s donation by a landslide, and setting the goal even higher for 2019. 

Our immense growth since 2009 has brought Morton countless new opportunities. In the year following the acquisition, Morton’s business doubled, but the growth didn’t stop there. Morton’s growth has been continuously increasing since 2007, which jump started our move to a larger, Scott’s Addition-based headquarters in 2018.  Morton and Xperts Inc.’s shared mission of putting people first allowed the businesses to merge seamlessly, and then for Morton to grow into the business it is today, while still keeping our passion for our employees a priority. It’s The Morton Way