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Why Local Matters – The Benefits of Working with a Smaller Firm

Buy local. It’s not an overly new concept; we hear it frequently in our daily lives — from purchasing produce at a local farmer’s market to supporting one of the many homegrown businesses that dot our city. We’re lucky to live in Richmond, a community that places a high value on local goods and services, and that “think, shop, buy local” mentality extends far beyond the retail sphere. The benefits of buying local also apply when you consider working with a staffing firm for your hiring needs.

Local Expertise

Using a local recruiter means the folks you work with live and work in the same city where you’re hiring. This gives them exceptional insight into the market’s particular strengths and weaknesses. While larger firms may have their finger on the pulse of national recruiting, a local firm will understand the particular nuances of the community. They already know the benefits of living and working in the city you’re hiring in, and they’ll be able to educate you on location-specific pros and cons.

Personalized Attention

As with any local business, you’re more likely to receive individualized attention from a smaller shop than you will from a larger company. This is especially important when you’re choosing a staffing agency; you’ll want someone who listens and understands your businesses’ specific needs, matching you not only with a qualified candidate, but the right candidate. Morton’s foundation was built on putting people first and we’re still committed to adding that personal touch. Rather than providing standard recruiting options, we build relationships with our clients and our consultants, guiding them every step of the way from initial phone calls to interview preparation. These small details make all the difference, ensuring that your business is matched with the right consultant each and every time.

Specialized Agency

Many national recruiting firms recruit for multiple business silos. Smaller businesses usually focus on a few, or even one, key market. In our case, we specialize in IT talent. We know the right questions to ask potential candidates, as well as understanding the qualifications and technologies that are important for IT positions. Our local knowledge also helps us understand the availability of certain skill sets within the Richmond market, which means you can find the talent you’re looking for faster and more efficiently than with a larger recruiting firm.

So, why buy local when it comes to your staffing agency? Support your homegrown talent and local economy by using recruiters who live and work where you’re hiring. When you work with a company who specializes in the exact market you’re targeting, you’ll get the industry knowledge and personal attention to ensure the person you hire is the right fit, every time.

That’s The Morton Way.