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Opportunities for Staffing in ACA

Everyone, across all industries, has been talking about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) for well over a year now.  Whether you are for or against this legislation, it is now law and we will all spend significant time preparing our businesses for the many new rules, regulations, and reporting standards.  Cost and who absorbs that burden will be another interesting topic of conversation in 2013.

Healthcare has been an industry where change isn’t and shouldn’t be anything new.  For years now, Morton Consulting has seen a significant increase in requests from clients in the Healthcare and Insurance industries.  The demand for candidates with healthcare or insurance focused experience has substantially increased.  With significant change forthcoming, there is also opportunity for staffing in what has been more commonly known as “Obamacare”.

  1. An opportunity to strengthen the employee / employer relationship – one trend that we have seen is healthcare’s continuously increasing cost which is a trend that will continue.  We have learned that most candidates or employees care most about compensation and healthcare benefits.  With the ever-changing climate in healthcare, especially the changes outlined in the ACA, there will be an opportunity to show your commitment to both current and prospective employees in providing a strong healthcare benefit program which could become a major differentiator.
  2. An opportunity to strengthen customer partnerships – as staffing experts, it is part of our commitment to be a master of our craft.  What I mean is, whether it is employment status, sponsorship, or healthcare, our clients count on us to provide them with guidance into their staffing strategy.  It’s important to be well educated on ACA which will create opportunities to act as a partner and perhaps advisor as employers across this country begin to navigate towards compliance.
  3. An opportunity to strengthen revenues with increased staffing demand – with the ACA, there should be an increase in staffing requests from clients.  The increased demand will come from organizations who are managing headcount according to ACA, and from companies looking to implement technologies to support the significant changes in healthcare.  We’ve seen this time and time again with Health Information Technology, Electronic Health Records, CMS changes, HIPAA, and the many other changes we’ve seen through history in healthcare.

The team at Morton Consulting is committed to ensuring that we align ourselves with the experts and professionals who can guide our organization through these healthcare changes.  We are also committed to doing everything we can to educate our customers – employees, clients, and candidates – while being a partner in support of achieving your business goals and executing your staffing strategies.

David Borovatz

Director of Operations

Morton Consulting