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Our Partners

When talking about customers at Morton Consulting, we are not just referring to the many businesses and government entities that we serve.  Our “customers” also include the highly talented — and often hard to find — candidates who will hopefully become employees or consultants down the road and thus part of the Morton team.  When Mark first opened the doors at Morton Consulting, he knew this was a relationship-focused business requiring our team to continuously develop and maintain partnerships with the clients and consultants we serve.

The entire internal staff at Morton Consulting gets involved, and is accountable, for developing and maintaining these partnerships.  Our phone lines are always open, and whether it’s the President, a recruiter, Alice in Human Resources, or one of our finance team members, we are here to support and serve our customers.

The relationships we develop with our clients and consultants are critical to the success of Morton Consulting, and we work hard to remain top-of-mind when it’s time to transition to a new opportunity, or when resources are needed to deliver on a critical project. Furthermore, our partnerships create situations where candidates refer their friends and family, employees uncover new opportunities with employers, and clients call Morton Consulting before contacting our competitors for the high level of service we provide.

One of the ways we develop strong relationships is through constant communication. We encourage the team to bring candidates to the office for face-to-face interviews, to have clients or consultants drop by our office to visit, and to meet candidates out for coffee or lunch.  In addition, we spend considerable time on the phone, whether interviewing a prospective consultant or checking in with an employee of a customer in Roanoke.

While it is critical to spend time building relationships, in reality not every conversation is one where we are just “checking in” or seeing how things are with the family.  In many cases, we are on that initial phone call to capture critical information from a prospective candidate – perhaps details about their current situation, gaps in employment, compensation expectations, eligibility for employment, company targets, or availability just to name a few.  In many cases, a “Morton Match” is found and further investigation and detailed interviews are required. This initial call and information captured gives Morton Consulting the opportunity to develop and foster a new customer relationship.

We work to go above and beyond the call of duty to develop these relationships, and we invest significant time really getting to know our employees and consultants.  A short time ago, we had an employee involved in a serious car accident and we brought his family dinner from Maggiano’s to show our support.  Another employee recently mailed us an autographed album from his sister in Taiwan after she topped the music charts.

We’ve noticed that the focus on relationships at Morton Consulting creates a two-way street and an opportunity for both parties to be successful.  This focus on partnerships is a key differentiator for Morton Consulting and is one of our Core Values that we take very seriously.  Can we have the opportunity to develop a partnership with you?