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Are you innovative?

Two weeks ago Mark Morton, President and CEO of Morton Consulting, was invited to Northrop Grumman to kick off their Lunch and Learn series. Mark decided to discuss the importance of being innovative in the workplace as well as in your life. He had an intriguing presentation that allowed the audience to associate real life events to how the company/entrepreneur became innovative to keep up with current trends.

With today’s economic environment, being innovative is imperative. Whether you are diversifying your business or product offerings or trying to be as useful in many different areas as possible within the business, you have to do it to keep up with the competition. And if you don’t, you’ll be out of business in no time.

At Morton, we are constantly trying to think of new ways to stay ahead of the competition. To put a face with a name and build a presence at customer sites, we escort all of our interviews. We also have our candidates write up Thank You notes after their interviews for us to send to the client. Multiple customers have complimented us on our Thank You notes and say that most other firms are not doing so. It goes back to interviewing 101 but it really does make a difference!

Additionally, we are utilizing social media outlets to try to attract innovative consultants who aren’t necessarily using traditional job boards. All of our recruiters have a Twitter account and can post jobs through our Applicant Tracking System’s job posting site, Bullhorn Reach. With that tool, we are able to send out notifications to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Also, all of our employees add additional value in varying ways whether it be helping write our weekly blog posts or attending various charity events to help build the Morton brand.

So as you wrap up your day, think of how you can diversify your value to your company. What can you do differently to make yourself a valuable asset? Can you make suggestions about how your company can become more innovative?

Ryan Campbell
Associate Recruiter
Author of Spicy Richmond