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Recruiting Tools of the Trade

In any business, it’s important to leverage the right tools to keep things productive and efficient. Whether it’s database management, inventory systems, analytic trackers, or even a new coffee machine; the goal is to increase the efficiency and productivity of your workplace.

At Morton, we depend on a variety of applications, websites, and systems to keep our recruiting process on track. When you devote time to each applicant to researching and interviewing as well as ensuring the client’s needs are met, you must have a smooth process in place. We thought we’d take a minute to highlight a couple recruiting tools we have found very useful in our daily work.

TalentWise is everything you’re looking for in a supplementary recruiting tool – specific in its applications, flexible with existing systems, and efficient in how it performs. They offer multiple solutions for employers and recruiters, of which we utilize their Background Checks.  Their checks are thorough and reliable, covering criminal records, credit checks, SSN trace, education verification, and professional references. Furthermore, it integrates with our applicant tracking systems. Just as a proper tool should, it gives us exactly what we need from it and it does it well.

Likewise, Yammer has done much to streamline our internal communications. Email chains and chat sessions are well and fine, but in a business like ours internal efficiency and organization are absolutely critical. We depend on a high level of collaboration and coordination between our recruiters and account executives, and Yammer helps us achieve that in a variety of ways. Yammer gives us the whole package under one roof – group coordination, public and private messaging, file sharing, internal directory, knowledge base management, mobile support, and more.

Adopting new tool in a business setting can seem daunting; some will resist change, it takes time to implement, and you can’t be sure a tool will be effective until it’s tried. But nothing ventured, nothing gained – as anyone in the IT industry worth their salt can tell you. Adaptation and flexibility are the name of the game, and making strategic choices for the tools you use day-to-day is one way you play it.