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Christmas with VA Home for Boys and Girls


Christmas with the VA Home for Boys and Girls

One of those most worthwhile things we do is to support the Virginia Home for Boys and Girls. We can’t say enough about the great work they do there for children in Richmond and all over Virginia. Earlier this year we had the opportunity to host a picnic for them, which was a big hit.

This Christmas we were able to again support the VA Home for Boys and Girls, and we recently heard back from them. We were sent some photos of a boy receiving his Christmas gifts, and he was so excited. It’s so rewarding to hear about and see the direct impact of your support, and we’re so happy to hear back from them.

April from the VA Home for Boys and Girls told us about one boy who received some of the gifts we sponsored, “He was VERY excited about his Christmas gifts!  He spent about 5 minutes debating which hat he wanted to wear first and ended up wearing both (switching every few minutes) while in the home last night.  He was also asking about going to the basketball court today so that he can shoot hoops with his new ball.”

“We’re so grateful for your help in transforming the holidays to a time of joy for our foster children.  This has been a great year for kids and we are looking forward to more success in 2012.” To which we say we were more than happy to help!