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Don’t Forget the IT Department

We’ve talked multiples times about the potential impact of cloud computing, and a few times as well about SaaS as well. Most of the discussion has been about their potential, and how they can change the way we approach IT. But there are risks, and many questions for those considering adopting on a large scale. It is with that in mind we consider another perspective – the potential lack of transparency that can come with them.


A recent article in highlights this issue. Their article in turn was inspired by a recent study done by Compuware that focused on CIO’s and what risks they see in IT consumerization, cloud computing, and mobility.


The study shows that a majority of questioned CIO’s sees increased risk in cloud and SaaS because of a lack of transparency currently inherent in adopting the technologies. According to these CIO’s, IT departments are seldom involved in these patently IT decisions. When third-party solutions are implemented but not open to internal IT, the ability of those IT departments to diagnose and solve problems is significantly hampered.


The lack of transparency and involvement of IT departments can also be seen in mobility projects and consumerisation, according to survey results. It adds up to a shift in focus – away from in-house and towards web solutions in all aspects of IT. Only it seems we’re forgetting to involve the IT departments when these shifts are made.


Part of the blame lies with the providers of these new services – if businesses are to rely on web services and re-focus to mobile applications, then their IT personnel must have the ability to support those services. Elsewise, how can any business make claims as to their reliability and service – when those things are not under their control?