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Keeping Pace in the IT Industry

Any professional in the IT industry worth his salt knows one truth – you’ve got to adapt to change. New software, new devices, new business models, new economic situations, and new people and places are just part of life in this fast-paced industry.

The only questions is – are you keeping pace? For both companies and professionals on the search for the perfect position, adapting intelligently is an essential piece of the puzzle. A company can’t expect to attract top talent if they’re not providing a workplace that encourages new ideas and explores new technologies. By the same token, a professional who can demonstrate his ability to follow the trends of the industry and adapt to the latest and greatest will be much more attractive to businesses for it.

These days, it’s all about mobility. Mobile devices have taken the business world by storm, and the IT industry is right on the crest of that wave. Just take a look around the web. The iPad has gone from a shiny toy to an essential device for many professionals – and some professionals are wondering if the post-PC world in the IT industry isn’t fast approaching.

If you’re discussing professional mobility, no current conversation is complete without mention of cloud technologies. Just take a look at Office 365. Microsoft has invested a lot into their push to the cloud – and in fact is willing to provide significant BIF’s (business incentive funds) to those companies willing to take the plunge.

Another axiom of IT; if you’re not adapting to new conditions, you can be sure there are plenty of other who are. David Linthicum of InfoWorld drives this point home in his article about how intrepid cloud users have found they can bypass some of the traditional procedure and ‘red tape’ of IT departments through allocating their resources themselves. And why shouldn’t they?

So how about it? Are you adapting with the times, or falling behind?