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Connecting with Morton

There’s no hiding in this age of technology and business, at least not for those businesses successfully growing and developing in the IT industry. We’ve graduated from an age where every individual has multiple channels of communication to an age where every business has these channels as well. And where not too long ago there was no connection expected between these two realms, we’ve reached a point where businesses are expected to be available and accessible through those channels.


We’ve taken this to heart at Morton Consulting. IT consulting and recruiting have always been businesses of communication at their heart – making connections between clients and talented IT professionals, ensuring consultants have a network of support, and communicating with our clients to best identify their needs. In addition to these core elements, we have sought to create a network for all our connections to learn, share, and stay current on news concerning Morton Consulting and the IT industry.


To that end, Morton is active and available through many outlets across the web. Our blog here is our outlet for major announcements and articles concerning Morton or the IT industry, where we get to talk a little more in-depth about the issues and values of importance to us. Here you’ll find articles such as our discussion on the importance of leadership as well as special events such as the picnic for the VA Home for Boys & Girls Morton hosted.


Social media has evolved as well, and has become more than just another way for a business to advertise. It has broken down the wall between business and individual. It’s the new-age customer service, focus group, promotional pulpit, feedback system, and water-cooler all rolled together. It blends industries, provides endless sources of information, and allows a business to talk with their audiences rather than just at them. And it is just as valuable a tool to connect businesses to one another as it is a tool to connect individuals. Are you in on the conversation? You should be.


And you can be! You’ll find us active just about every day on our accounts – our Facebook page, our Twitter account (@MortonNews !), and on LinkedIn through our fearless leader Mark Morton! We share articles we find valuable and interesting, discuss views on the latest new, post updates, and link to new posts on our Job Listings. If you AND your business aren’t a part of the new communication age, there’s truly never been a better time to join in – and we’d love to connect and be a part of it with you!