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Aconis Launches Cloud Based Backup for SMBs

Acronis, known for their enterprise-level system backup technology True Image, has stepped into the world of cloud computing to take their data-backup systems to a new level. With Backup & Recovery 10 Online, Acronis is looking to secure the niche of small to medium-sized businesses that either have no current data-backup in place or are still using older methods such as tape.

Remote backup such as this has multiple advantages in terms of added security for businesses that cannot afford expensive options such as data centers. In the event of a major incident such as a fire or flood, the only way to preserve crucial data may be to have the option to recover it from a remote site.

The cloud offers a logical platform to host such a data-backup system, and Acronis is hoping their Backup & Recovery 10 Online will prove the mid-sized option many SMB’s are looking for. While online backup will not provide the speed of recovery that local backup will, the additional level of security of being a remote backup should appeal to businesses to protect their most crucial system images.

Acronis will offer several varieties of their online backup; Online for Server, Online for Virtual Machines, and Online for Workstation. These online options will be able to integrate with the series of local backup products offered in the Backup & Recovery 10 line of products, all of which can be seen here. The Online editions of the products will be available for purchase October 12 on Acronis’s website. Reportedly, there will be a monthly subscription cost of approximately $54, with per-machine licenses available in 250GB, 1TB, and 2TB sizes. did an interview with Acronis CEO Jason Donahue back in February concerning all manner of data-backup issues – including the issues with cloud-based backup and how Acronis envisions a more accessible system for SMB’s. It will be interesting to evaluate how Backup & Recovery 10 stacks up to Donahue’s vision. Check out the interview here.