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Individual Results and How to Achieve Them

At Morton, we pride ourselves on our proactive nature with clients, as well as our ability to prioritize tasks and act quickly. Our consultants embody these qualities and it shows in their work. But not every day goes off without a hitch; and that’s when work habits kick into overdrive. We all deal with distractions, emergencies (real or imagined), the constant influx of emails and phone calls; the list goes on and on. Somehow, though, the work has to get done.

It’s not easy, but with habits and routines in place, it does become more manageable. We’re the first to admit that productivity skills require time and practice. Plus, the same strategies don’t work for everyone. We thought we would scour the Internet and find some suggestions that you can add to your daily workflow. We even found some new ones, ourselves. The following is a list of blog posts with summaries highlighting the topics they cover. Hope you find it helpful.

The Procrastination Test

Before you can solve a “problem” it helps to know where your sticky spots are. The Procrastination Test is a set of self-assessment questions that spotlight areas of changeable procrastination thinking, emotions, and behavior. Should you take the test and find nothing to work on, well then, we may just have a job for you.

5 Ways To Combat Reactionary Workflow

A guest post on from Scott Belsky, founder of Behance and one of today’s foremost voices on productivity and creativity. He’s also the author of Making Ideas Happen. This post focuses on strategies to proactively handle workflow rather than spending your day in reaction mode. Highlights include: to-do list management, handling urgent items, and when to switch to response mode.

Embrace the Inevitability of Being Wrong to Boost Workplace Productivity

Lifehacker is another staple in the productivity blogoshpere. The site can always be counted on for the latest in apps, strategies and tips for getting the most out of every day. This post explores the power of being wrong as it pertains to ultimately achieving the best results. In other words: don’t try to be perfect, rather strive to learn from mistakes.

These are just a few of the options out there, but the last two sites we’ve linked to are must reads for anyone committed to productivity through time and energy management. Perhaps you’ve got a great process of your own already. If so, we’d love for you to share it in the comments below.