How to get Your Resume Past The AI Robots

The vast majority of companies filter resumes with artificial intelligence (AI) robots and application tracking systems. Businesses utilize these tools to save money on manually reviewing large amounts of resumes.   AI robots are also being deployed to automatically schedule interviews with candidates and match current experience with a job description. This can pose issues for candidates.     AI […]

Your Space is Growing Fast – Here’s How You Can Stand Out

It can seem daunting to apply to roles in a competitive job market. You might think about how other candidates might have better resumes than you, or worry if you did answer the interview questions with strong responses.    Many job seekers, especially if they’re in a competitive industry, often don’t effectively sell their skills. Learning how you […]

Ace Your Next Phone Interview By Doing This

Phone interviews can be a tricky part of the hiring process. Picking up the phone cold and speaking with a recruiter or hiring manager can be stressful, especially if you’re not too sure what the person on the other side of the phone is looking for. Don’t get intimidated with the phone interview. Instead, keep […]