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At Morton, we aren’t like the stereotypical Greensboro IT staffing firms. We don’t just fill slots on an employee roster as fast as possible. Instead, we take a next-level approach that helps us fit the right employee to the right job opening, every time. That’s “The Morton Way,” and it sets us well above other IT staffing firms in Greensboro NC.


Why We’re the Only Greensboro IT Staffing Firm You’ll Ever Need


Your company is a unique place, with a specific blend of people and a culture like no other. Not every new hire off the street is simply going to fit in.


We believe that it benefits both the job candidate and the company when we take the time to get to know them. The secret to our success is that we constantly think about what makes a good match between clients on both sides of the equation. That’s why so many of our temporary placements end up converting to full-time status after being placed. That’s also why our Greensboro IT staffing firm has been lauded many times over by Inc. 500/5000.


We have more than a decade of experience placing all manner of IT professionals, including:



Our IT staffing firm in Greensboro NC can help place many more kinds of experienced specialists. We’re affordable, proactive and responsive. If you’re looking for the best IT staffing firm in Greensboro NC, you’ve found it.


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Your business can’t wait, so don’t hesitate to reach out to the leader among IT staffing firms in Greensboro NC. Reach out to us via email at or call us at 804-290-4272 to learn more. We’re ready and waiting to get started!