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At Morton, we know hiring practices have changed drastically in 2020 and more people than ever are looking for work. We’re the gold standard in Charlotte IT staffing agencies because we make sure employers get excellent candidates that fit their company’s culture to a tee.


The Best in IT Staffing Agencies in Charlotte NC


Many employers use Morton to re-staff or expand their IT department. We find the best qualified candidates because we know how important a highly competent and resilient IT staff is in any modern company.


Here are some examples of IT positions that we regularly fill as the premier choice in Charlotte IT staffing agencies:



Many of our employers and job seekers are interested in IT staffing agencies in Charlotte NC because we successfully match candidates with highly technical backgrounds and/or refined project management skills with jobs at which they excel!


What Are You Looking for in Charlotte IT Staffing Agencies?


We’re acutely aware of the most important things companies are searching for. That’s why we’ve made the coveted INC 500/5000 list… and we’re one of the few IT staffing agencies in Charlotte NC to do it multiple times.


Morton has created so many successful employer/employee matches that our clients looking for jobs often end up with full-time employment. We know how important a good match is, and how much time and money it can save!


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Let’s get your IT department in tiptop shape, ASAP, with the best choice among IT staffing agencies in Charlotte NC.


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