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Making it work when you’re working from home

Written on August 24, 2016

We recently talked about hiring remote staff, so we thought we’d talk this time about telecommuting from the employee/contractor point of view. There’s a lot of information about working from home on the Internet, with many great tips for making it work. Some are geared toward the self-employed, some toward the remote employee. We’re talking […]


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Remote employees can be just what your team needs

Written on August 8, 2016

Employees who only work inside the company walls every day are the backbone of the workforce in this country and beyond. However, many companies have multiple locations, teams in other countries, staff who skip the commute and work from home a few days a week, or who come into the office only occasionally. “The overwhelming […]


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7 Tips for Winning the Best Candidates

Written on July 27, 2016

If you’ve tried to hire someone for your technology position, you know it’s challenging. It’s a fact we’ve repeated frequently that unemployment in the IT sector is 2.9 percent nationwide, and 1.9 percent among developers. That means a lot of competition for very few experienced tech workers. However, if you’re having a really tough time […]


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Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

Written on July 19, 2016

Recruiters and employers rely on LinkedIn to help funnel qualified candidates to them for their review for specific jobs. For that reason alone it’s important to make the most of your LinkedIn profile, and that it is as fresh and useful as you can possibly make it. However, beyond the funneling process, they’ll be checking […]


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Profile: David Borovatz

Written on June 29, 2016

After more than seven years at Morton Consulting, David Borovatz has done it all. He started as an account exec and now, as director of operations, he still works directly with clients and consultants, responds to requests for proposals, makes cold calls, pitches new clients, makes presentations, supports customers, and manages the recruiting team. And […]


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Ready for your Skype close-up?

Written on June 24, 2016

You wisely took our recent advice on how to prepare your resume and you’ve made it to the next stage – the Skype interview. It is as important as the in-person interview and, for a remote job, can replace the in-person interview entirely. So, you need to ace it. Here’s how to get ready. Prepare […]


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Writing the Resume That Puts You Out Front

Written on June 16, 2016

You have one chance. Fifteen seconds, 20 if you’re lucky. You’re being judged and you aren’t even there. It’s your resume. The good news is there are things you can do to make that resume a shining ambassador for you. The bad news is that, badly done, it can get you disqualified before you even […]


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The Triple Constraint: Fast, Cheap or Good

Written on June 10, 2016

  Picture a three-legged stool. Saw one of the legs in half and the stool falls over. It doesn’t matter which leg is shortened, because as soon as it is, the stool collapses. Now assign each leg a name: Budget, Schedule and Scope. This is the triple constraint and it’s the stool every project stands […]


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Agile May Be What You Need

Written on June 3, 2016

Then again, it may not Agile is the software development process or method that works in regular, short cycles, known as sprints or iterations, to deliver functional, potentially shippable products. It keeps the work fresh and relevant to the market, ensuring market competitiveness. Basically, it’s develop, test, implement, ship, innovate, develop, test and repeat, in […]


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Tips for the Job Hunter

Written on May 23, 2016

We recently published 10 tips for HR managers and hiring companies on how to get the most of their relationship with a recruiter. It’s only fair that you, the job seeker, get some suggestions that come from our experience filling more than 500 slots since we opened our doors in 2006. Be clear and straightforward. […]


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