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Closing the Deal on Project Managers; How to Resonate and Bring Them to Your Team

Looking to take your business to the next level? It’s probably time to hire a project manager. Good project managers bring a wealth of technical knowledge and refined people skills in order to bring projects from initial idea to final closeout.  

Every company wants a project manager that’s a high performer and allin on company culture. But how can your organization find the right person to stay on? Keep reading to learn more about how to craft a compelling pitch to prospective project managers and bring them on your team.  

  1.  Be Clear With The Knowledge You Need: Project management is an ever-flowing field. Companies should list the training and certifications they are looking for in order to attract project managers with the right background. A mismatch is going to make it very hard for your newly hired project manager to get anything done. Many companies want project managers that have experience with Agile as well as numerous certifications.  
  2. Understand What the Project Manager Wants: Project managers want to work for companies that can sell their brands effectively. Be clear in interviews on how project managers can build their skill sets and portfolios while working at your company. Show how you mentor employees into more senior positions or company opportunities for professional development. Emphasizing ‘what’s in it for them’ is very important if your company isn’t widely known. 
  3. Consider Collaborative Interviews: Good project managers are team players who should be able to adapt and get along with a variety of employees. Employers looking for a project manager should consider including a few members of their creative team, or even those who the new project manager could be leading, in the interview. This does two things. Your company gets an initial sense of how the project manager works, and the prospective employee gets a feel for the people they could be working with and the entire company dynamic. Project managers who feel good about their future team and the overall company vision are more apt to sign on with your company 

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